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Welcome to Schachenhofer apartments!

With a total of twelve spacious apartments either for one or for two residents, you can decide if you prefer to live alone or if you want to share the room with somebody.

The apartments are fully furnished and you will have your own bathroom. Together with the other residents you will share a washing machine, a bicycle storage room and parking lots. Also, you will have a spacious community kitchen with a TV and a couch to cook together or watch TV with your friends.

The highlight: In the garden behind the house everyone has their own small garden bed to grow vegetables or herbs.

The house
The view
The terrace
The community area





Single apartments

The apartments vary between 13 and 15 m² including bathroom.

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/ room

Double apartment

The apartments vary between 26 and 28 m² including bathroom.

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Thanks to the proximity to Krems you can go almost everywhere by bike. It only takes you 15 minutes to get to the Danube University Krems and 20 minutes to the MC Fachhochschule Krems. The nearest supermarket is just 5 minutes away.

And if it should rain, or you just do not feel like cycling, the nearest bus stop is right at the end of the street.

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